Revive Legacy

a note

from dusty

Somewhere in your past there was, likely, a church that made an impact on your spiritual journey. Maybe they took you to youth camp or you attended their VBS. Perhaps you were even influenced by something you heard at Revive. Wherever it was, someone poured into your spiritual life. For me, it was a little church in West Tulsa, Oklahoma. This was the place where I accepted my call to ministry, made my first few attempts at preaching, and made Tammi my wife. From the time I was just a skinny, freckled kid, the people of that congregation encouraged me in my life with Jesus and my call to serve Him.

 I revisited that church during a recent trip back. On a Wednesday night, I listened to a missionary speak about living in one of the most dangerous places in the world, sharing his calling to love on Muslims. He was in youth group with me when I was a kid. That made me think about the impact that little church has had over the 50 years of its life. I wonder how many people found Jesus and were baptized? How many heard and accepted a call into ministry? And who were the people, 50 years ago, that sacrificed to start this church? I would love to thank them! This is the heart of Revive’s Leading a Legacy campaign. It is bigger than you or me. We want Revive to be a beacon of light for generations to come, to share the good news that grace still abounds to everyone who asks, and that abundant life is available to all! Join me as we “love people to Life” for generations to come.

Our Past

Is Profound

Years ago, God placed a passion for grace-filled ministry within the hearts of two couples. One family came from Colorado with years of experience, equipped to begin a church where anyone could find grace and the love of Jesus.
The other family came from California, excited to plant their first church, a creative, grace-filled community of faith where Jesus could be experienced in a real and unique way.
Dusty (Lead Pastor of Connections Community) and Dennis (Lead Pastor of Canyon Ridge Church) were familiar with each other’s hearts for grace and, given their similar visions, had collaborated successfully over the years. In 2014, God called Dennis and his wife Judy to a new journey: student education and ministry in Belize. Dennis and Dusty began praying about combining Connections and Canyon Ridge. The process was nothing short of God-sized as the Spirit transformed us through the awkwardness of merging into one loving, unified Body, passionate about Jesus and His grace that sets us free.

We are poised to


What does it mean to “Lead a Legacy”? It is different than merely “leaving a legacy”. Leading requires intention, heart, and forethought – we are not just leaving things behind, we are laying the groundwork upon which future Revivers will build. We want generations not yet born to look back, see our sacrifice and faith, and be encouraged that they can do all things!

Join us as we brave this new path forward. Together we can lay a foundation of grace, worship, celebration, and life transformation for generations to come!

 Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be
matched by your completion of it, according to your means.

2 Cor. 8:11

Our Present

Is Powerful

Revive is actively thriving. We are loving people to Life on a daily basis. The message of GRACE continues to radiate through our own Body, to those in the Treasure Valley, and around the world! Anyone who has been present at Revive for a length of time can bear witness to the ways Jesus is using this grace community to impact people for Him.

We recently purchased our first property to eventually accommodate all our members and guests. Our kids ministry – Jesus League – is full every week and always ready to welcome more volunteers! Our youth group – Pulse Teens – is steadily growing. Men’s and Women’s ministries are thriving and Life groups meet weekly and encourage one another through life together. God continues to show His power and might as He opens door almost daily to expand His ministry at Revive!

Throughout the year, we serve with and support local youth in crisis, refugees, and those in need, both across the Treasure Valley and in our own Body. We reach out to our brothers and sisters serving God through missions in Thailand with financial support and annual mission trips to encourage and assist them in ministry. With all of this inward ministry and outward focus, we still strive to be fiscally conservative. As God has provided us with this property, our heart is to move as quickly as possible to get it “meeting ready” so we at Revive can minimize the extra expense of renting a Sunday-morning facility and magnify our impact on the community around us!