What is Leading a Legacy?

Leading a Legacy is an opportunity to put a strong physical foundation under the values and mission of Revive Church. We look ahead to the thousands of lives that will be influenced and changed over the next 100 years. We are not just leaving a legacy; we are leading a legacy!

How is the money used?

The money is kept separate from our general fund. It is being used solely for the purchase and renovation of the Dawn Lane property as we ready it for church use.

Why didn’t we build?

The price of building a new facility would have been around $150/sf. That amount does not include the parking lot or land. This would have strapped us financially and kept us from doing the ministry that we love. As God would have it, He provided us with an amazing property at a rate well below what market would have demanded. In preparing the facilites, we will actually be doing some building in the form of renovations.

When are we getting the money?

We received funding via Church Growth Fund of Converge Northwest for the purchase of the property at North Dawn Place. The financing package they were able to offer us allowed us to keep over $200,000 in cash for use toward all the renovations and preparations we will need to make.

When do we plan to move?

Proverbs 16:9 says, “The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” We have moved into the office building, and continue to upgrade it for full use. The sanctuary building will require some changes before we can meet there on Sunday mornings. As with the property itself, God knows His perfect timing for getting us in to worship. We press forward in hope and wait on Him!

Can I make a non-cash gift?

There are several ways that you can contribute to Leading a Legacy. You can donate stocks, property, or other items of value. We can accept them and provide you with a giving receipt. There are tax advantages to giving stocks directly to Revive instead of selling them and giving the money to the church.

Can I reverse my pledge?

Definitely! Your pledge amount is between you and God. If your situation changes, you can simply contact the church office to notify us of the revision.

If I fall behind on my commitment, will the church pressure me?

While we keep track of your giving for administrative reasons, but your pledge is between you and God. We will not be pressuring anyone.

How much are we trying to raise?

Through both prayer and research, we felt strongly about seeking to raise $400,000 over a three-year period. We have extended that campaign to a fourth year. This has allowed us to purchase property and a building for under $1 million and has given us a debt service similar to what we have paying in rent previous to the purchase.

What if we raise more than our goal?

This is a real possibility given how generous our people are! All the money raised will be used specifically for the new facility.